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Agents & Brokers

Katrina Dew: 3 Step Realty Group

Khrista Jarvis Team: J. Rockcliff Realtors

Monica Timms, Glenn Landrum, Joyce Pappas (JGM Team): J. Rockcliff

Fox Real Estate

Brad Gothberg: J. Rockcliff

Veronica Villano: Sotheby's People and Properties

Cindy Duffy Chase: Sotheby's

Brian and Lianna Wright: Valley Broker's on Main

Dale Morris: Valley Broker's on Main

David Morris: Valley Broker's on Main

Kirt Willard: Valley Broker's on Main

Stan Jensen/Rich White: JBS Real Estate

Jaime Jensen: Pacific Union - Christie's Int'l Real Estate

Lourdes Beaty: RE/Max Accord

Melissa Case: Better Homes and Garden/Mason McDuffie

Valerie Herschel: Better Homes and Garden/Mason-McDuffie

Fohl & McClellan Real Estate

Far East Realty, Oakland/SF

Mike Miller, Hacienda Real Estate

Elena Tyson, Alain Pinel Realtors

Scott Parks, Parks Properties

Banks We Successfully Worked With