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Personal Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger

View the personal letter from the Governor Schwarzenegger commending FMG on their valuable work in the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry

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About FMG

With today’s tumultuous Market, we understand how hard it is to keep up with everyday bills.  Before this “Mortgage Meltdown”, it was a simple and fast solution to refinance and pay off debt through the Equity in your Home.  Unfortunately, with the Home Values dropping below what most people owe on their Principal Balance, refinancing is no longer an option.

What We Do

Financial Mechanics Group (FMG) works with people in financial distress to negotiate a more affordable way of paying down their financial obligations. FMG specializes in negotiating High Interest Rate Home Loans down to a rate that is more comfortable for the Borrower’s specific scenario.

Financial Mechanics Group has mastered the negotiation process with even the top Mortgage Lenders and Creditors. Though there are no guarantees that these Lenders and Creditors are willing to negotiate with every scenario, it is our job to be persistent, and to be available at any time they are willing to talk. This allows our clients to continue their everyday lives, which includes going to work to provide for their families without having to take time out of their busy schedule to try to negotiate with the Lenders themselves.

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